Wednesday, 24 December 2008

It was Christmas Eve and all through the house....

.... it is absolute chaos!

After a busy December for Markets & on Etsy (there's a lot of people getting fudge for Christmas this year!) I still have a lot to do before tomorrow! (so why am I sat here? lol)

presents all bought (I hope!)
food all bought
lounge tidied

still to be done -- in no particular order:
dining room to tidy & vacuum
bathroom to clean
best table cloth to iron
best china & cutlery to sort out & clean if necessary
presents to wrap
stuffing to make
alternative christmas pudding to make
christmas tree to erect & decorations to put up
sort out what I am wearing tomorrow --and hope its clean & ironed already!
have a bath & wash my hair

and anything else that occurs to me as the day progresses!

Happy Christmas everyone!