Thursday, 30 August 2007

Where to start ?

Once again time has run away with me and several blog-worthy things have happened without me writing them up.

First off, the EtsyUK Retreat in York.
This was a fantastic weekend of crafting, drinking, soft graffiti and generally getting to know some of the other people from the world of Etsy. It took place over the weekend of 17 - 19 August at Queen Margaret's School Eskrigg York. We had the run of the Art Block for the weekend and had a great time learning new crafts. On the Sturday evening while waiting for the take-away to be ready, we decorated some lamp-posts & other street furniture with adverts for etsy.
pictures from the weekend can be found here :

next , Craft Magazine.
I had been informed by Etsy Admin that I was to be featured in the Etsy advert in the summer edition of Craft, an American magazine. I had heard that it was out about 10 days ago but wasnt sure if I would be able to get a copy as Amazon only had the spring edition. Well, last week I managed to find That WH smiths had several copies in stock ! They have featured my flapjack ( Its a pricey magazine at £7.99, so i dont think I shall be getting it regularly --though there was a couple of ideas in it I will try "when I have time!"

and finally some fun -- Maurice the dancing Shreddie
Moo ( http://moocowhandknits/ ) makes knitted shreddies just like the advert and gives them all names. Several Etsy Ukers now have one. I asked her to make me a Maurice, and then made him a costume to match Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men. When Peter wore him on Monday night, the others had not seen the advert so the significance was rather lost ! Here he is in kit:

that is all I have time for now, hopefully will write more regularly in future!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Uk Etsy going to New York

Some members of the Etsy UK Street team are heading off to New York in December to take part in a craft fair at the Etsy Labs.
They will also be taking some items from other UK sellers, so to help off-set the stall fees and incidental expenses, the team have opened a shop to raise funds. There is a good mix of items already donated -- from notecards to teddy bears! to check it out -- click on the link on the right! I have donated some Christmas gift-tags that I spent Monday evening making. I never realised just how long it takes to string 64 gift-tags with gold thread!

Monday, 13 August 2007


At the moment the Earth is passing throught the Perseids Meteor shower as detailed on NASA's website :

We went out last night at around 11.30 and were lucky enough to see a few meteors. There were 2 or 3 definite meteors and a few more that could have been , or might just have been my poor eyesight playing tricks ! We were too tired to stay up till 2 or 3 am when the meteor show was supposed to be at its height but will have another look tonight!

Sunday, 12 August 2007

Farmers Markets

Have just had a few weeks without any markets , so have been busy stocking up on marmalades and chutneys. Have now got several varieties of chutney maturing nicely, and well stocked up with marmalade!

This weekend saw us at two markets. Saturday was Whaley Bridge, a market we have done many times before --but this time in a new venue, the Uniting Church. The move was successful with some new stalls as well as the regulars. It was nice to see many new faces amongst the customers too.

Sunday was the first market at the Little Mill at Rowarth. this is a very ou-of-the-way pub, popular as a Sunday lunch venue. The weather was rather unkind, with several very heavy showers, but there was a good flow of customers. We had a good day, and will be doing this market again next month.

On Saturday we finally heard that we have got a stall at the Great Peak District Fair in October. This is an extremely busy 2-day fair - so we will need to be organised and get stocks made well in advance where possible!

Thursday, 2 August 2007

Blogged again !

Bunny ( bought some flapjack for a friend and he has been kind enough to blog about them !
Thanks Nils!