Saturday, 22 November 2008


Prosopagnosia -- an almost unpronouncable word for a condition that makes every day life very difficult for its sufferers. A more descriptive term is "face-blindness" - the inability to recognise faces -- in extreme cases even those of your nearest and dearest. There is no cure, just coping strategies that vary in effectiveness.

It was quite a surprise a year or so ago when my brother announced he had this condition very severely -- none of the family had ever suspected he had this difficulty. Since he sent us various links to articles about the condition we all took the on-line test. My results came back as borderline as having a problem -- I just thought i was bad at remembering people!

Today he has been featured in the Guardian Weekend Magazine with an article on the subject in which he describes his difficulties: I don't recognise my own face . He has also written more about his condition on his website here:

Thursday, 20 November 2008

Out and About at Markets and Fairs

With the Christmas shopping season well under way, here is a list of the markets and fairs I will be attending:

Sunday 23 Nov - Marple
Sat 29 Nov -- Bakewell ( as part of Derbyshire Country Markets)
Thurs 4 Dec -- Buxton
Sun 7 Dec -- Poynton
Sat 13 Dec -- Whaley Bridge
Sat 13 / Sun 14 Dec -- Buxton Winter Wonderland
Sat 20 Dec Bakewell ( with Derbyshire Country Markets)
Sun 21 Dec -- Marple
Mon 22 Dec Buxton

I am hoping to have plenty of Christmas cakes (both plain & iced), Christmas puddings, Mincemeat and Mince pies available at each event