Sunday, 3 January 2010

Mrs Beeton

One of my Christmas presents was an early edition of Mrs Beeton's Family Cookery. This is a fascinating read, as it gives an insight into the daily life & meals of the average income family pre-First World War. The book assumes that the household has a cook and one maid, so the "Lady of the House" has some supervisory and hands-on duties concerned with the running of the house.
The recipes are arranged in alphabetical order of main ingredient or name of the dish and cover quite a range of international dishes as well as plain basic British cooking. Some will be well worth trying out but others I do not fancy!
One recipe that I cannot imagine anyone eating with relish is this idea for left-over sprouts:

Brussel Sprouts Saland
Ingredients: Cooked Brussel Sprouts, salad dressing, beetroot
Method: Toss the sprouts lightly in a little salad dressing, pile in a salad bowl and decorate with beetroot.