Friday, 27 July 2007

Catching Up

Well ! I can't believe I have been home from my holiday nearly a month now and still not found time to blog it properly!
We had such a great time despite the heat (the Mediterranean was having a heatwave at the time) and wished we could have stayed longer in many of the places. Doing both Pisa and Florence in just one day was nowhere near enough time. Greece was also fantastic and a place i would like to go back to.
For anyone still interested, the photos (some of them anyway -- we took hundreds!) are here:

Since getting home and getting over the cold/fluey thing we brought back with us, life has reverted to its usual humdrum state. We have a couple of weeks gaps between markets so i am trying to use the time well --both to get the house tidy & clean and also to get stocked up on preserves.

I have also listed a few more craft things over on Etsy. I have now been on there 4 months -- the first things I listed are due to expire now ! I need to take better pictures of them before re-listing. The talk in the forums (fora?) is about getting ready for the "up-coming holiday season" meaning Christmas! It seems way too soon to me to start thinking about listing Christmas items ! Maybe I will get started on crocheting snowflakes so I am ready for the "Christmas rush" when it does feel a bit closer.

Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I'm Back !

I haven't posted here in so long -- not because I have lost interest but because of a number of reasons limiting my time on-line!
Firstly was a very busy baking week leading upto the main reason for my absence :

My cruise !! - 12 days of cruising around the Mediterranean and visiting lots of interesting places --I will write a more detailed post about this later!

I came home with the most horrendous cold/ fluey thing that meant i spent 2 days in bed dosed up with paracetamol & cough mixture before getting back into the kitchen ! I don't think I have had a cold in over 2 years so this was a real shock to the system!
My lovely etsy friends could barely contain their impatience for me to be well enough to bake flapjacks for them and I have had several orders since my return !