Thursday, 17 May 2007

Salt Dough

Inspired by a book from the library, i have another go at saltdough. When i did it with the kids we always got lots of air-bubbles which spoiled most of the pieces. This time it is much improved but still not absolutely perfect. I am hoping to make some fridge magnets or brooches out of them if i can find some small magnets to stick on the back. I think they might need another coat of paint before i varnish them.


Jen said...

Oooh! Fun! I remember doing that as a kid :)

As much as I hate to promote it, eBay's a pretty good place to pick up magnets - there's where I've got mine before.

~ Jen

sarahknits said...

yay, this brings back memories of childhood, but mine never really turned out either. Yours look really nice though, not dry and crumbly like mine always did :).