Wednesday, 11 July 2007

I'm Back !

I haven't posted here in so long -- not because I have lost interest but because of a number of reasons limiting my time on-line!
Firstly was a very busy baking week leading upto the main reason for my absence :

My cruise !! - 12 days of cruising around the Mediterranean and visiting lots of interesting places --I will write a more detailed post about this later!

I came home with the most horrendous cold/ fluey thing that meant i spent 2 days in bed dosed up with paracetamol & cough mixture before getting back into the kitchen ! I don't think I have had a cold in over 2 years so this was a real shock to the system!
My lovely etsy friends could barely contain their impatience for me to be well enough to bake flapjacks for them and I have had several orders since my return !

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