Thursday, 30 August 2007

Where to start ?

Once again time has run away with me and several blog-worthy things have happened without me writing them up.

First off, the EtsyUK Retreat in York.
This was a fantastic weekend of crafting, drinking, soft graffiti and generally getting to know some of the other people from the world of Etsy. It took place over the weekend of 17 - 19 August at Queen Margaret's School Eskrigg York. We had the run of the Art Block for the weekend and had a great time learning new crafts. On the Sturday evening while waiting for the take-away to be ready, we decorated some lamp-posts & other street furniture with adverts for etsy.
pictures from the weekend can be found here :

next , Craft Magazine.
I had been informed by Etsy Admin that I was to be featured in the Etsy advert in the summer edition of Craft, an American magazine. I had heard that it was out about 10 days ago but wasnt sure if I would be able to get a copy as Amazon only had the spring edition. Well, last week I managed to find That WH smiths had several copies in stock ! They have featured my flapjack ( Its a pricey magazine at £7.99, so i dont think I shall be getting it regularly --though there was a couple of ideas in it I will try "when I have time!"

and finally some fun -- Maurice the dancing Shreddie
Moo ( http://moocowhandknits/ ) makes knitted shreddies just like the advert and gives them all names. Several Etsy Ukers now have one. I asked her to make me a Maurice, and then made him a costume to match Chapel-en-le-Frith Morris Men. When Peter wore him on Monday night, the others had not seen the advert so the significance was rather lost ! Here he is in kit:

that is all I have time for now, hopefully will write more regularly in future!

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Nutty Knitter said...

Now AT LAST I understand what these knitted shreddies are all about!
(That's what happens when you don't have telly ...)