Tuesday, 1 April 2008

April -- the fool returns!

I have finally got around to returning to my poor neglected blog! I hope I will keep up with it better than before but who knows?

Yesterday I started a diet, but disappointingly the scales hadn't changed this morning! I am determined to lose at least a stone by the end of the month, so when I go to Tesco's this morning will be stocking up on fruit, veg, salads and such-like healthy stuff!

What else has been happening since I last blogged? Not much --my life does not alter very much!

Etsy sales of my baking continue to do well -- I have now been on Etsy for a year and have made over 200 sales --which works out at an average of 4 a week.

I have also opened a separate shop for my crafts --I felt they were overlooked amongst the baking , particularly by international people who only saw I did not ship baking overseas. So far I have only made 1 sale - to a fellow UK'er --but its a start!


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