Friday, 1 August 2008

Partial Eclipse

This morning there was a partial eclispe of the sun. I managed to find the eclipse glasses that we bought a few years ago when we saw the total eclipse in Cornwall, so I was all set to look at the eclipse without danger of damaging my eyes.

We had lovely blue sky and sunshine first thing, so I was in high hopes of having a good view. All started well, at about 9.30 I had a look and thought I could just see a little bit out of the sun. But then thick clouds came over so I couldnt see any more for a while. The grey clouds kept coming & going so I was in & out of the house like a yo-yo every time it looked like the sky was brightening! I also tried to take some photos with the not very accurate technique of holding the eclipse glasses over the camera lens -- this is about the best shot I got!

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oldbagcrafts said...

I completely missed that happening - maybe we couldn't see it in Cambridgeshire, or maybe I was too busy! Great photo, Marma, and thanks for the reminder to look beyond the sewing machine now and again :D