Saturday, 22 November 2008


Prosopagnosia -- an almost unpronouncable word for a condition that makes every day life very difficult for its sufferers. A more descriptive term is "face-blindness" - the inability to recognise faces -- in extreme cases even those of your nearest and dearest. There is no cure, just coping strategies that vary in effectiveness.

It was quite a surprise a year or so ago when my brother announced he had this condition very severely -- none of the family had ever suspected he had this difficulty. Since he sent us various links to articles about the condition we all took the on-line test. My results came back as borderline as having a problem -- I just thought i was bad at remembering people!

Today he has been featured in the Guardian Weekend Magazine with an article on the subject in which he describes his difficulties: I don't recognise my own face . He has also written more about his condition on his website here:


Sinta said...

Not long ago, I watched a program about it and was surprised! I didn't know this condition existed and it must be heartbreaking for the sufferers and their loved ones. It's good that we can define it so people will be more of understanding.

qw88nb88 said...

I wouldn't call it "heartbreaking"; more like annoying! It certainly gives me different challenges as a professor.


Double Dipped Sweets said...

Wow. I just read your brother's article. That must be a very difficult thing to live with. Kudos to him for finding ways around it and being so positive!