Thursday, 1 April 2010

Milestones 2

Another milestone reached is my 3rd Etsyversary -- 3 years since I opened my first shop on Etsy! Overall it is a reasonable success - although, as in real-life, sales are variable. I have just had a flurry of Easter sales, but it had been pretty quiet since Christmas.

I had hoped to reach 500 sales around the same time -- but stuck a few sales short. I am now on 493, so I am sure it won't be long before the magic figure rolls around.

Opening on Etsy was certainly the start of quite an on-line "empire" -- I now have 4 shops plus my own website and between them all I have at least one package to post most days :). Ironically, the least successfull is my craft shop, Marmaladytoo - as I had originally joined Etsy in order to sell my crafts! I have also got accounts on various other selling venues (Folksy, Coriandr, MyeHive) in order to reserve my name - though I have not yet set up shops on these sites.

Find my shops here: for baked goods & preserves for crafts for destash supplies & vintage items for baking supplies

and of course my own site:

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