Saturday, 19 July 2008

Muffin Dish

Here is my latest ebay purchase -- a muffin dish by our favourite china company Plant /Tuscan. The design is one that most antique dealers call "exotic birds" but we call "Aunty Amy's" because Peter's Great-aunt Amy gave us a tea-set of this design as a wedding present. She had been given this tea-set by her employers when she got married in the 1920's and comprised 12 place-settings of cup, saucer and two sizes of square plate, along with cake-plates and sugar bowl. The milk jug had got broken at some time in the 1930's during transit when all the family pitched in with china and other help for a family wedding. Looking for a replacement milk jug was the start of a great collection of Tuscan china as along the way we found many lovely designs by this little-known company. When we did eventually find a milk jug in this pattern it came with another 9 place settings and also a coffee pot & hot water jug ! Other additions to the set means we could (in theory anyway!) have a tea-party with matching china for over 25 guests! One day we mean to set the table for such a party and photograph the set in all its glory!


oldbagcrafts said...

Please invite me to that tea party, oh cake queen :D

Anonymous said...

Hello from one Virgo to another! I saw your comment on the blog of one of my US tea friends, another Marmalady! I love the idea of collecting jam jars....perfect for a Marmalady no matter where in the world she is! Cheers.

Anonymous said...

I'm from Germany and I really like English silver and antiques. But I have a question: the silver muffin dishs have all a kind of "soup plate", then a sepereate plate that fits in the "soup plate" and then the lid. Why three parts? The porcelain dishes have just two parts. Maybe you experts can help me.

Thank you very much and best regards!