Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Messing about with card 2

As one of my crochet necklaces did not sit well on the jewellery display bust i made yesterday, I have adapted the design to make a shorter, wider bust. This has worked well -- and will also add height variations when in use on the crafts stall.

My second "make" for this morning is on a slightly larger scale -- a Christmas Tree for my decorations. Again a very quick and simple make. A large oblong of corrugated card cut in half along the diagonal and then the two halves taped together to form a large triangle. The whole piece then covered in green wrapping paper. An old square christmas card box doubles as a "tub" / support -- and is also usefull to store extra decorations!


niftyknits said...

These look brilliant!

Alexandra said...

I love the Christmas tree - what a good idea.

Ouissi said...

They are so cool marma ;)

I tagged you on my blog...see it for more info ;)

Thought it would be good to pimp a few UK etsians!!

Ouissi (British Cream Tea) x