Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Messing about with card

Having had a very busy & successfull weekend at the Great Peak District Fair, I have been catching up on housework and occupying myself on gentle, less tiring tasks yesterday & today.

I found a link to a "how-to" on making gift-boxes so dug out my box of old Christmas cards and made 3 little boxes very quickly:

As they are made from recycled cards they have writing inside the base --but they are fine for using as a decoration on or under the tree at Christmas. For actual use as gift-boxes I will cut some plain card to size for the base -- or use some unwritten cards! The size of the final box depends (naturally!) on the size of the original card -- and the trick is finding cards with good centred images.

The other card make is courtesy of Boojewels -- a simple jewellery display card. It was super-easy to make and looks very effective. This one is my first one, and I will be making more and trying them out at this weekend's markets!

My next task will be to devise an easy & effective display board for my crochet christmas decorations --watch this space!!

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