Thursday, 1 April 2010

Milestones 1

Several milestones have been reached or approached over the last few days!
Last Sunday, our Lizzie reached the "grown-up" age of 30!! Wherever did all those years go? She celebrated with a nights clubbing in Manchester on the Saturday night -- and also managed for all her various friends not to fall out with each other! (for those in the know -- this is quite a feat as there is usually at least one member of the group not talking to another one - so maybe they are all growing up after all ;) ) On the day itself was a much more sedate celebration -- a meal at an Italian restaurant for about 20 of her friends & colleagues.

Her present from us (apart from the chocolate cake!) was this superb bag from etsy seller redrubyrose:

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Vanessa said...

That cake looked wonderful. Happy birthday to your daughter!!