Saturday, 17 April 2010

Making Whoopie!!

According to the newspapers & TV, the craze for cupcakes is over. No longer will people be eating these very pretty to look at but often over-sweet confections.

So, you may ask, how should I satisfy those cakey cravings?

The answer is -- the whoopie pie!!

Despite its name, the whoopie is not a pie - no pastry is involved at all. It consists of two cakey-biscuity rounds, sandwiched together with buttercream.

As I was on the lookout for new items to add to my Farmer's Market Stall, I decided to give them a try this weekend. They sold pretty well -- many people having seen them on TV during the week and so recognised the name.

The recipe said it made 6 large (ie cereal-bowl sized) whoopies. I decided to make them a bit smaller, so I got 9 whoopies about 3 - 4 inches out of the mixture:

the unbaked mixture

they spread a bit in the oven -- next time I might use some of my jumbo muffin cases to keep them nice and round!

However, once sandwiched with buttercream, they didn't look too bad! And tasted even better !:)

My first batch followed the recipe and so were a chocolate "pie" with vanilla buttercream, but they lend themselves well to many combinations of flavours. I am thinking of a lavender pie with lemon buttercream for the summer -- or maybe strawberries & cream for the Wimbledon fortnight!


Cat said...

mmm these look really yummy!

Bigbluebed said...

They look gorgeous. I will have to show the baker in our family this.

AMIdesigns said...

You make it sound so simple and they look yummy!

Marmalady said...

They were quick and easy to make!
Will be adding them to my on-line shops as soon as I work out the best packaging!